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February 2012 Challenge: Decisions, Decisions

03 February 2012 in Archive Challenges

February 2012 Challenge: Decisions, Decisions

For the February 2012 Challenge: Decisions, Decisions, our December/January winner @jespah throws down the following intriguing challenge for you all.

Decisions, Decisions – Decisions fuel timelines. We zig instead of zag, and we might just change the course of history.

Some decisions are bigger than others. Whether you wear a yellow top instead of a blue one, do empires rise and fall because of that? What if you marry suitor #2 instead of suitor #1, or you don’t marry at all? Or what if you’re the leader of a great land, and you decide to go to war, or not? The challenge is to show how a decision changed the course of a timeline, possibly, if you like, show the alternative, the what if scenario. All genres, all characters, all series, all films, all universes, etc. are welcome, for these decisions might even hop over from one series to another, or between universes. Let’s see what happens when a switch is flipped, and what that really does to people.

Challenge will close Monday 27th February and thereafter voting will open. Hop over to the challenge discussion thread on the forums to ask any questions or make any comments.

February 2012 Challenge: Decisions, Decisions

Time Traveler Crewman Daniels