Twelve Trials of Triskelion – Week 03 2015!!

It’s the Twelve Trials of Triskelion – Week 02 2015!! This week is the Steal All the Toys challenge. Again, our leader has provided instructions –


–not really.  In fact, in Week Three, the Steal All the Toys Challenge, you are not only supposed to steal someone else’s universe, you’re encouraged to do it with style!  Take it to a body shop, put some chrome rims on those bad boys!  Add some undercarriage lights!  Trick it out with nitrous oxide!  You are encouraged to go as far as you like with the unlocked universes left in the unattended parking lot thread; the only requirement is that the entries be over a thousand words.

While you are allowed to start writing for this challenge before it opens, you’re not allowed to actually post it until this week.  So feel free to get a jump start on it!  You can collaborate with the original universe’s author, but it’s not required.  And if you do, the work has to be yours.

So, let’s see where all your joyrides take you!  And after a week of voting, who drives away with the trophy, too!

Just look at all these unlocked universes!

Twelve Trials of Triskelion

Make Your Escape – Shirt Ripping Optional (image courtesy of TrekCore)