Twelve Trials of Triskelion – Week 01 2015!!

Thralls! It is time, once again, for the Twelve Trials of Triskelion! This is Week 01 of 2015.

During this week, your mission is the Ficlet Flashdance! Here’s the message from our leader –

Well, hello thralls!  So good to see you here.  This opens on May 17th, your overseer’s thirty-fifth birthday, so you had all better participate or your pain compliance collars will be ALL AGLOW!  BWAHAHAHA!


Week One: The Ficlet Flashdance.  Far and away the most popular event since the beginning of the Twelve Trials (okay, so this is only year three, but that’s still pretty good!), this event tests your dedication, your writing muscles and your ability to turn out 500 words or less of quality material every single day for seven days.  You do not have to write them all as one series of stories, they can stand on their own.  Or, they can indeed be a part of a series.  Any which way, the fic has to be posted by midnight.  This year, in deference to all our different timezones, it may be not be posted before midnight your time and it may not be posted after the following midnight.  That means that the day starts and ends for people in Europe before it does people in the US.  That should give some leeway, but not too much.  The very final entry by West Coasters definitely ends the day, unless you can prove to me you’re in Alaska or Hawaii. XD

Best completed set by each other will take the prize at the end of Week 2.  So, do me proud!

Twelve Trials of Triskelion

Don’t be disoriented, thralls! Get to work! (image courtesy of TrekCore)