Blog Roundup: Weeks of January 6 + 13, 2014

January 6 + 13, 2014 Blog Posts from contributors at the Ad Astra Star Trek Fan Fiction Website

For the weeks of January 6 + 13, 2014, as the new year got into full swing, our bloggers stepped up in a big way!

The biggest surprises were a couple of off-site responses to the AU prompt and the first prompt, with Is that Canon in Your Pocket? and Ad Astra Blog Prompt Catch Up #1: Reading – one of the top 3 Rs! These posts were both written by blogger JayLR at The Farthest Star (he writes Star Trek: Swiftfire). Neat!

Boldly Reading took a vote on who to honor in January, and Funngunner got the most votes. The two selected stories were presented here: Book Club #5 Their Finest Hour, Parts 1 and 2 by Funngunner.

Miranda Fave wrote –

SL Walker gave us Funngunner Says.

jespah wrote –


January 6 + 13, 2014
Ro Laren, born on January 17, 2340 (image courtesy Wikipedia)