Blog Roundup: Week of September 8, 2013

Blog Roundup: Week of September 8, 2013

In the week of September 8, 2013, they see me bloggin’!

September 8, 2013 Blog Posts

trekfan got back into the swing of blogging with Paging Doctor Bearrian: His Untold Story.

SL Walker contributed Thirty-One Days – Day 17, Thirty-One Days – Day 18. She also added Thirty-One Days – Day 19, Thirty-One Days – Day 20. And finally she wrote Thirty-One Days – Day 21, Thirty-One Days – Day 22.

False Bill wrote about Agamemnon, with Boldly Reading 2 – USS Agamemnon.

jespah added Spotlight on Alien Hybrids and Review – The High Cost of Dissidence.

Boldly Reading added Blog Prompt #8 – Branching Out to Other Fandoms. This prompt was answered as follows. mdgarcia added Branching Out: Other FandomsSL Walker answered with Other Fandoms. And then jespah responded to this prompt with Branching to Other Fandoms.

September 8, 2013

T’Pol seems a bit agitated, no?