• I am a writer by nature. It’s what I do. I tend to communicate better in text than in words, perhaps because text is an arena in which I can properly edit myself where in real life the words just go … they just […]

  • Purgatory — (in Roman Catholic doctrine) a place or state of suffering inhabited by the souls of sinners who are expiating their sins before going to heaven.

    It was three in the afternoon, this afternoon, when […]

  • The phrase ‘Naked in the Pain’ sounds like a song or a self-help book title, but I haven’t found any proof of that. I’m sure it’s one or both those thing, but it came to me after waking up one morning from a weird […]

  • I’ve been slowly working my way back into things in the writing realm of late. More than anything, writing is an escape, a way to make sense of life when I can’t quite seem to do it on my own. It’s a way to put […]

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  • I’ve been quiet since the new year has rolled around. We’re in 2015 now (surprise!) and we’re without hoverboards, flying cars, the Cubs winning the World Series (sorry Cubbies), and nuclear generators that fuel […]

  • Well, seems like I was mistaken about the previous last post being the final say on the whole situation. Though there are a few corners of the Internet that I could post this on, the fact is this is the corner […]

  • So, we’ve arrived at the final post on this subject. I’ve told the story, I’ve given the context, I’ve listed some life lessons and some writing ones, but now we come to the answer on why all this even matters. […]

  • So, the background has been given and a few life lessons have been learned. But, how has this entire thing benefited my writing? Well, in a few ways actually, so let’s roll down the list.

    1. Relationships are […]

  • So, where did we leave off? Ah, yes, Thanksgiving week (continuing with more context, then we’ll get to the other things).

    I have little appreciation for Thanksgiving nowadays. In the past, it was always a […]

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    I will agree that it seems people date and, the person they date ends up being the one they marry. Even if that dating period is extended for a lengthy period (my brother is a prime example: he’s engaged to be married to a girl in 2016, but they dated just at a year before he proposed … yet, the engagement period will be longer than the dating…[Read more]

  • Life is strange. As I sit here, I just got back home about twenty minutes ago. It’s fifteen minutes till midnight, I just finished a seven hour shift, my legs are tired and I have to report to work in the morning. […]

  • And now onto our final victim, the last remaining security officer from the Crazy Horse.

    (She currently doesn’t have an actress picked out, so feel free to suggest someone.)

    Who Is She?

    Kyne Tolera is a […]

  • Who Should I Kill?

    We now take a look at our third victim, Ronnie Jellico, former helmsman of the Crazy Horse and son of Admiral Edward Jellico.

    (Currently doesn’t have an actor, but I’ll likely try to use the real son of Ronnie Cox, but if you have suggestions do let me know.)

    Who Is He?

    Ronnie Jellico is the son of Admiral Edward Jellico, formerly of TNG’s “Chain of Command” when he was captain of the Cairo. Ronnie’s name is a deliberate reference to actor Ronny Cox, who plays Jellico, and Ronnie himself is semi-canon: Jellico had at least one child (who was four at the time of “Chain of Command” and that is who Ronnie is).

    By the time 2385 rolls around, Ronnie has graduated from the Academy and is assigned as a helmsman to the Crazy Horse. The ship was commanded by one of his father’s former proteges, which only made it worse for Ronnie when he arrived. He was branded as an “admiral’s brat” when he entered the Academy, but he wanted to prove himself.

    Sadly, he has had difficultly doing that. Ronnie is a bit of a bumbling sort, not exactly brave. He’s easily swayed by his fears and isn’t known for taking stands. He has a huge crush on the only other survivor from his ship, Tolera, and has had one on her from first day he was assigned there. He’s a bit of a hopeless romantic and is awkward at expressing himself.

    But there is potential there. Tolera enlisted his services as a wannabe engineer (he wanted to be one before he got the Academy) and he’s succeeded in his small acts of engineering when his back was against the wall. Under pressure, Ronnie tends to perform at his best, though his mind occasionally wanders.

    What He’s Done So Far

    1. Survive a takeover from the Borg aboard the Crazy Horse.

    2. Successfully navigated the Crazy Horse to the battle bridge, where he engineered a way to get into it.

    3. Admitted his feelings to Tolera, who then made love with him in the middle of the battle bridge as the Borg were trying to break down their door. (In their defense, they thought they were going to die.)

    4. Was beamed to the sickbay of the Challenger while in the middle of making love to Tolera.

    5. Upon the Borg invading the Challenger, navigated the ship with Tolera and delivered critical supplies to sickbay to help engineer the weapon.

    6. Aided in guarding sickbay from the Borg as the weapon was being made.

    7. Was the first to volunteer to go on the mission to deliver the weapon.

    If He Lives …

    Ronnie will have accomplished something his father never did: survive the Borg. He’s been trying to get out of his old man’s shadow for his brief Starfleet career and this will mark a major accomplishment for him. The survival of not one but two ships infested by Borg will give the young man a much needed boost in confidence and propel him onward.

    If Taurik or Trisha dies, Ronnie will end up getting the ops position either way. His career advancement isn’t exactly at the forefront of his mind but added responsibility would help him grow as a person.

    Ronnie’s relationship with Tolera would also progress, though in what direction is yet to be determined. The two came together under desperate circumstances and may not last once the adrenaline wears off.

    From a story standpoint, Ronnie is one of my favorite characters to write. He reminds me of a younger, more awkward, lacking in confidence Hank Harrison. He’s a hopeless romantic and a young guy, someone I feel who can really grow if given the chance in story to do so.

    If He Dies …

    Captain Max Phillips will have failed to protect the son of one of his friends and mentors. Admiral Jellico called him out of retirement and trusted him with this assignment because the two were close. Losing Ronnie after all this will hurt Max and cause him to question his decision process.

    The effect on the greater workings of the Federation will also be profound upon Admiral Jellico’s being informed of his only son’s death. This will make Jellico an enemy of the Borg and anyone who dares to propose they should be treated as anything else but a horror that must be destroyed.

    Jenna Phillips will have to deal directly with Max’s feelings and the fallout of Ronnie’s death.

    Tolera will be the one most immediately effected as Ronnie’s death will mark the second lover she lost during the mission (the first being the chief of security aboard the Crazy Horse.) Tolera will become hardened by the events and have an undying hatred of the Borg, which will impact her future dealings with the crew of the Challenger.

    From a story standpoint, Ronnie’s death will have wider long-term ramifications than anyone of the crew will immediately realize. His father being Edward Jellico is a major key to future plot points of the story.

  • ThumbnailWho Should I Kill?

    Our next possible victim is Trisha Reynolds, the Challenger ops officer and best friend to Doctor Felicia Sarzan.

    Who Is She?

    Trisha is a character that I feel channels a lot of ops […]

  • ThumbnailWho Should I Kill?

    First up is our resident Vulcan, senior officer, and chief of engineering, Taurik.

    Who Is He?

    Taurik is a canon character who premiered in TNG’s “Lower Decks” in season seven of the […]

  • Ah, the joys of writing. I’ve recently found my stride again for my story Star Trek Challenger: Fool’s Errand and I’m glad for it, no doubt. The week has been fun so far and we’re only at Tuesday, but a problem has arisen: whom do I kill?

    I’m at the point in the latest chapter (30 to be exact) that four characters are about to embark on a suicide mission that has to succeed to save the ship from certain destruction (or worse). The four characters are split into teams of two, both with equal chances of success or failure. One of them will die.

    I’ve known for months this was going to happen (it was in the outline for the story) and have been dreading the point where I get here while also kinda looking forward to it. The arrival at this point marks the last leg of the story, where we begin to finally get a resolution to some things after what’s felt like months (and it has been) of dragging. On this draft, anyway. The original draft waited YEARS to get advanced before I ultimately scrapped it, but that’s another story. Literally.

    Back on point, this chapter marks the beginning of the end for one of my four characters and I’ve fallen in love with each of them more than I expected. I wasn’t sure whom I was going to kill before and now I’m even less sure. But, that’s why we write, isn’t it? The thrill of getting to the point in a story where you can kill someone and agonize over it.

    Each character has flaws, each has positive attributes, and each has an equal chance of going. Mostly. I have my own internal odds going on, but I’m still very much undecided. Over the next few days I’ll profile the four characters (who they are, what they’ve done in the story, and possible futures if they live/die) in question and then we’ll have an open, honest debate about whom I should kill. I may even open it up to voting for the final decision (let the people’s voices be heard!).

    Stay tuned for updates and topics. As always, feel free to comment here or on the forums and thanks for reading. 🙂

  • This week’s Blog prompt is a nice one. Timely, even.

    To AU or not to AU, that is the question!

    Do you like writing alternate universes? Branching your characters off and seeing where a different path goes? […]

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    It’s not often I focus on members of the Chronicles crew that aren’t Hank Harrison or Bethany Reeves. I have a habit of zeroing in on those two because of how much I like their dynamic as well as how popular […]

  • jespah posted the prompt here and I’m in the mood to address the questions, for the questions spoken of are good ones. So, let’s explore them one by one and see where I fall.

    What’s the best setting for an […]

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