• The Trial of Pantsing (WIP Report) Every writer’s journey has its unique twists and turns, characters that pop up and demand their stories be told, and inspirations that come from the […]

  • Progress Report – Third and Fourth Quarter 2019
    How excellent were the third quarter 2019 and the fourth quarter 2019 for Star Trek fan fiction?
    Posted Works

    First of all, on Wattpad, I posted Reflections Down a […]

  • A Look at Star Trek Fan Fiction Writing During the Second Quarter 2019
    How awesome was the second quarter 2019 for Star Trek fan fiction?
    Posted Works
    First of all, on Wattpad, I posted Reflections Down a […]

  • Progress Report – First Quarter 2019

    How terrific was the first quarter 2019 for Star Trek fan fiction?

    Posted Works

    First Quarter 2019

    First of all, on the G & T Show forums, I did not post a […]

  • Overtime suffered – a lot – from my burnout. It took me years to finish it!
    Review – Overtime
    For the final wrap-up story in the Barnstorming series, I put it off and put it off forever. Frankly, I had forgo […]

  • Progress Report – Fourth Quarter 2018
    Fourth quarter 2018 was a productive time for me to not so much write as to wrap things up. So I will explain below. But know that one major story which was hanging over my h […]

  • A Nostalgic Review of Inside Information
    Inside Information brings the In Between Days Series in line with Star Trek: Discovery.
    On the Discovery, a young crewman knows something no one else does. […]

  • Progress Report – Third Quarter 2018
    Third quarter 2018 was more transitioning from Star Trek fan fiction over to the wholly original stuff.
    Posted Works

    First of all, on Wattpad, for the third quarter 2 […]

  • jespah wrote a new post on the site Barking up the Muse Tree 5 years ago

    A Pretty Harsh Review of Time Out
    With Time Out, I abandoned the sports theme completely and instead did some personal head canon repairs. That is, I had put characters into an alternate temporal scenario and […]

  • A Brutal Review of Play
    With Play, I continued the Barnstorming saga. However, I started to run out of things to say.
    To continue the Barnstorming series, I had to give Dana and the rest of the gang […]

  • Progress Report – Second Quarter 2018
    The Second Quarter 2018 brought more changes. Because I am not posting much new works, its main purpose was to post the older pieces.
    Posted Works

    First of all, on W […]

  • Progress Report – First Quarter 2018
    The first quarter 2018 was a time to kick start my creativity into high gear. I spent the time writing, brainstorming, gathering inspiration, and editing. I was very p […]

  • Progress Report – December 2017
    December 2017, like pretty much the entirety of 2017, meant no need Star Trek fan fiction but a lot of other writing.
    Posted Works

    First of all, on Wattpad, I posted the r […]

  • Thank You to Fan Fiction
    Thank you.

    To you, the readers. To the professionals who create this great show, and to anyone who has stumbled across my blog and my work, even if you didn’t care for it.

    Thank […]

  • Review – Untrustworthy

    Untrustworthy is my first-ever published novel. Much like Reversal, it begins with a dream. And that makes perfect sense, as a dream inspired it.
    As Tathrelle b […]

  • Portraits of Characters – The Saviors of the Vulcan Race

    The Vulcan Race is saved by a lot of people. Because I have already covered Jack Shaw, Julie Parker, and Theo Carter, I won’t go into them again. E […]

  • Review – There is a Road

    There is a Road originally came about as a response to an image prompt on the old Trek United. However, I do not have the rights to use that image, and Trek United is a m […]

  • Portraits of Characters – Time Change Pawns
    Time change pawns are the people caught in the temporal crossfire, when history is jiggered.

    So it hardly seems worth it to go back in time without a […]

  • Review – The Dish

    The Dish came from a dirty plate in our kitchen sink. Therefore, it proves you can get writing inspiration from just about anywhere.

    Also, without a doubt, it serves as an u […]

  • Portraits of Characters– The Crusher Clan
    The Crusher clan does not end with Wesley. Not by any stretch of the imagination.

    I mainly started with Crackerjack, as I had wanted Wesley to have a home a […]

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