Blog Roundup: Week of August 4, 2013

Blog Roundup: Week of August 4, 2013

In August 4, 2013, as the Twelve Trials of Triskelion ended and Boldly Reading got into gear, our bloggers continued with their amazing output!

August 4, 2013 Blog Postings

Intrepid Sovereign gave us Fragments – Talk to the Ship.

SLWalker added Miranda Fave Wants to Know II, Society in the Mirror Universe, Random Bit Written in 2010

FalseBill wrote The Hard Self-Sell and Evil Characters.

jespah added Scenes, Settings and World Building and Portrait of a Character – Kirin (Kira) Sato. She also wrote Self-Promotion and Focus – Ikaarans.

Boldly Reading added Blog Prompt #4 – Scene Settings. The prompt blog also added Blog Prompt #5 – Self-Promotion. And then added Blog Prompt #6 – Writing Complex Evil Characters.

August 4, 2013

If you don’t know, B’Lanna, then nobody does